Wednesday, September 17, 2008


Yesterday was overcast, my favorite kind of light, subdued. Goal: see more hummingbirds. There are lots of jewel weeds in Strawberry Fields, a hummingbird favorite. I got to the park at 8:45am and started looking and didn't have to wait long. Two hummingbirds checked me out, Tinkerbell face-off, hovering right in my face. Feisty little things. I watched for hours as they zoomed around, sipped, rested, groomed, chased each other, ignored larger birds, checked me out again, displayed beautiful acrobatics. Think tinkerbell. They are VERY hard to photograph. It's one second per blossom. Get it, or miss it. There were lots of other birds in the park. They'll get posted another time. Yesterday was Hummingbird Heaven.

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