Monday, March 8, 2010

Davey Crockett

Davey or Davida, not sure which. This was a disquieting experience, because this raccoon was determinedly searching for food while there was a heavy human presence on this warm sunny day. I first spotted the raccoon on the prowl in the Shakespeare Garden, all around the garden. Had there been a food stash or bird's nest in the tree all would have been eaten.

From the underbrush the next course was up and over the fence into the open field, up and over another fence, onto the path, into the brush near the 79th street transverse, across the transverse and into the upper lobe area.

In the upper lobe area the raccoon was obviously looking for crayfish and or snails. The only problem was that there were people sitting on the rocks at the edge of the lake. Raccoon faced off with three small dogs. Fortunately, the dogs were on leashes. Owner grabbed dogs and fled. Raccoon was inches away from dogs baring teeth, hissing. This was the raccoon's turf, humans in the way.

Followed raccoon along side of lake, from upper lobe to area of Indian Cave, over land, around Gill all the way to the Oven, then upside and presumably to garbage cans at the Boat House. This could be a raccoon having awakened from hibernation hungry. It really got very close to people, nosing all the way, a little too close for comfort.

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