Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Mama Hawk is incubating. The major clue is that she had lunch in the nest. But this is still the weirdest nest- not from a photographer's point of view, but from the baby-safety point of view. There's no way three growing nestlings can do trampoline exercises in this nest. When it's time to fledge they'll have to go DOWN rather than across, no "branching" this time around. And there's no overhead protection. With all the trees to choose from in this area why, oh why, did they select this spot??!! From the photo point of view this is going to be a difficult event to document. The buds will burst with greenery giving no window of photo opportunity. For the safety of the nestlings the parents will have to build up the sides of the nest and that will take it higher, even more open to the elements. And finally- an alert to all: Do not sit on bench under nest unless you want to be poop-blessed. It might even be wise to alert everyone on the pedestrian path. From hawks, poop flies.



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