Thursday, January 27, 2011

It is winter

All of these images pre-date the digital era. I walked the park with a dinky Contax and a dinkier Tamron zoom. A diffusion filter was used all the time, my impressionistic period. It was possible to do multiple exposure images with this camera (the skaters) and it was possible to get soft focus to my total delight. The same gear got used at work to the astonishment of some of my colleagues who delighted in poo-pooing what I was using, but this dirt cheap gear earned me more than the high end gear because it got used for record jacket covers. Moral: use whatever equipment will give you the images you want. The photographer has to be the boss, not the camera.

Iced tea??

Now, manipulations are done in the computer. Pre-digital impressionism was done in the photographer's head and then in the camera. I prefer the former. _______________________________________

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