Thursday, March 10, 2011

Peck, peck!

Spring is in the air even though it was intensely cold yesterday.

Lots of regular birds and lots of birders. Someone had thrown out seed for the little birds. I was watching the titmice and they were eyeballing me.

A good part of birding has to do with sound. I heard titmice making a racket and followed the sound. Nothing could have prepared me for this. There were two titmice and they were attacking a raccoon. Perhaps they had wanted this hole for their nest. I don't know. Perhaps there were tasty fleas in the raccoon's fur. I suspect it was a territorial battle. The two titmice were persistent. The raccoon was aware that there was an attack going on. Raccoon shifted position a couple of time.

I couldn't hang around all afternoon. When I left raccoon was happily asleep and titmice had flown off, but not far away. Maybe raccoon would leave hole at night and titmice could reclaim spot.


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