Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Rule #1: Be very quiet near owls. They sleep during the day.
However, squirrels don't know this and run up and down owl tree. Bluejays don't know this and scream at owls. I couldn't believe the racket. I'm alone trying to be quiet and all of nature is creating a Geschrei.

I figured that if I offered some nuts to the bluejays they'd stop pestering the owls. They came for nuts, but then flew right back into the tree to yell at the owls.

Suddenly there was a vast amount of noise behind me. Oh no! Several hundred grackles.
Hopeless, absolutely hopeless. Chatter-noise.

No rest for the weary. And not a human problem.

This was Monday. Yesterday there was no sign of the owls. I suspect they've gone to find a more quiet roost spot.

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Unknown said...

First day of Spring...falcon's cry in a blue sky...two turtledoves perched in the cedar...

Loves,from french birds,