Thursday, December 22, 2011

More sit-and-sip

If someone would line up glasses of chocolate malted or root beer float and one straw I'd also perch and sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip-sip.

Wings being used for balance to keep from sliding along leaf.

And if I'd sip so much I'd have to sit a bit too and digest the lot.

Thank God for the mahonia blossoms. There isn't much nectar in town.

One pal asked about photo equipment. In this area absolutely no tripod and for the good of Ruffy no flash. This is a heavy tourist area, crowded walking space. Tripods would be a hazard. Also- lenses with a minimum focal distance of around 4' also helpful.


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