Friday, December 16, 2011

Watching above

There's no way to tell what's in the park once the weather turns colder. I've seen the grackle swarm before. It's a vision to behold. They don't call, but you can hear the sound of their wings, flapping, nothing else. I'm sorry branches were in the way while this was happening. It's an awesome sight.

Over at another corner I'm used to seeing some activity. Nothing moving. Nothing. That means only one thing. Raptor in the area. Sure enough. There sat an immature redtail hawk obviously watching for possible lunch.

No clear views. Lots of branches. I'm glad there weren't leaves.

There was no catch and hawk was obviously going to stay in that area, so I moved elsewhere. If I miss posting for a day or two it means I'm busy working on opera projects. Or marbles. But then that's a whole different topic. Haven't lost mine yet.


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Unknown said...

Thanks for posting the dark eyed junco. It's a favorite bird. They are just adorable.