Sunday, April 1, 2012

Observations in words

When it's wet out I won't carry the camera, but that doesn't mean that my eyes don't see what's going on. The male robins are in town gorging on worms. Some worms are the monster sized earth worms, fun to watch being captured. In our garden space there are also short skinny worms that jump. That's right, jump,- leap about. I've seen them on the sidewalk when the gardener is digging up soil to plant something. Not leaping lizards, leaping worms. The robins yank up one of them and then gawk before snagging and swallowing one down. I have this vision of a jump dance going on in the robins' stomachs. I kept watching the red breast, but saw no movement. Think live hopping spaghetti. What would that look like?!
The other attraction yesterday in the rain was a sparrow "gang bang",- one female, at least eight males all doing what comes naturally. It's a very noisy chirping affair. But then the scenario changed. The female got her back up against the wall of the building and fought back. She challenged each of the males, attacked them until she was left alone. I've seen lots of sparrow gang matings, but have never before seen a female defend herself.
If I miss a few days of posting it's due to work activities. First comes responsibility, then fun.

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