Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Another sweaty day

This is Rosie. A pigeon with a name? She hangs around at Azalea Pond, knows the birders, knows who has tidbits. If a hawk can be named why not a pigeon. After all, this is New York.
Also waiting for tidbits, very young cardinal.
Also waiting, fun subject, the grackle, perfect when sitting still, cartoonish when moving.
Another very young cardinal.
I had been hiking around, got tired and headed west to go home. Last stop- Strawberry Field.  Lots of activity, but not easy for getting images. another uncooperative yellow warbler.  I saw at least two members of the vireo family but can't swear they were warbling vireos.
The redstarts, liquid butter.
Finally, one male, but way up high.
While I was staring up high this man came over. "Are there birds here?", he asked. As I started to enumerate he walked away, moved into the bird space, put down his bags, took off his shirt, then stretched out.  Had this been hummingbird time I would have pitched a fit,  but it isn't and he had as much right to the lawn as anyone else. Besides it isn't often that I get such a swell photo subject.

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