Friday, August 10, 2012

Humid, but fun

There's no way to know what's going to be seen on any given day.  Then add a good dose of high humidity and wonder how long you can last.
First out the door, a suspended leaf hanging from a filament of spider thread, hanging art.
Weasel in the garden? Anything is possible in New York.  If this had been the only thing seen I would have been satisfied.
Into the park.  If there are no birds photograph bugs.
Way up in the leaves, movement.  There it is, definitely a warbler, but who?
Oh, something different, an immature parula,  not making picture taking easy.
The parula disappeared and there was another youngster, an immature finch.  This turned into the kindergarten tree.
Sweet baby.
The humidity got to me. Time to head home. Down one path. Flash of yellow.  Not a yellow warbler. Eye markings, wings-   the blue winged warbler.  Couldn't get closer. Click, Click, Click- and then it vanished heading east.
Final subject, another dragonfly. Branch blowing in the wind.

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