Monday, August 27, 2012

Can't see everything

This warmed my heart. Finally the cops are doing speed checks on maniac bicycle riders who think the roadway is their own personal race track. This is a speed checking gun.
Off to see what there is to see. Lots of tourists. No birders.  First stop: favorite bush, a skipper and a tiger swallowtail. 
Wait a minute, it's late August. Nestlings at this late date?
Family of 4.
My audience- young mocker.
While mocker was watching me I was watching a canada warbler.
Oh, where are the birders?!  A worm eating warbler.
And a blue wing.
The young heron was up a tree by the path.  A tourist called me over, "Look, a hawk". Not quite.
Later in the afternoon this was stock still in the water. Reaction: what's that? It looked like a dead something. No movement.
Then it moved.  The young heron. Obviously that part of the lake is shallow. It was walking.
Can't ignore the lowly pigeon especially when gorgeous.
Or sweet Splotches.

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