Monday, September 3, 2012

A more "normal" day

Goal for the day:   find photographable hummers.
One flew by, 1/2 second, no pictures,  But behind the jewelweed patch the female common yellowthroat was bugging.
Still no hummers, but the least flycatcher arrived. Camera shy?  I see you.
That's a bit better. Had I moved the bird would have departed.
Bye bye birdy
Next jewelweed patch. No hummers, but cute napping squirrel in  creative cradle.
Pigeons never stand still except when they're waiting for a handout. This time right at my feet.
And squirrel has really snuggled in. Still no hummers.
Off to next location. No hummers, but something interesting on branch.
I almost missed the real activity. Finally a male redstart for 1 second.
And the best of the day, the female chestnut-sided warbler hunting food and catching something.
To the right, the hermit thrush.

No hummers to photograph. Saw three, but they didn't stop for the camera.  This is very different from previous September 2nds.  Maybe the jewelweed doesn't taste good yet. No sign of crossbills.

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