Sunday, September 2, 2012

On the hunt

Hunting for hummers.
Instead there was a pine warbler hidden under the leaves.
And a female common yellow throat also hidden in leaves,
Two redbelly woodpeckers hidden in leaves,
Downy not hidden in leaves.
The word was that the crossbills like to drink near Oak Bridge, so that was the next spot for observation.  Directly ahead one active robin's nest, two nestlings hidden behind leaves. Mama flying out with fecal sac.
Baby's popo. Pink poop?  Must be eating red berries.
Yep, pink fecal sac.
Wait, wait, wait... no crossbills. Instead there's a family of three rats under the bridge.
Finally, after an hour, the crossbills flew in, at least 6. They must like to drink at this spot because there's overhead protection.
This went on for under 50 seconds and then they vanished.
Never did get a hummer picture, but did see two speedy hummers during the day.

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