Monday, September 9, 2013

More smiles

It's hard getting hummer pictures, because there's a group of idle guys lazing by the jewelweed patch smoking pot.  There's usually a smoke cloud over their blanket.  Hummers show up, then leave. Me too.  I headed north not expecting to see anything until this woodpecker caught my attention. I'd never before seen this kind of woodpecker.  By a process of elimination I figured out it was an immature red-headed woodpecker worth watching for a while.
Love the tail pattern.   It worked this hole till a squirrel came around the side of the tree.
Why did the squirrel show up???  I looked further up the tree and found the answer, another hole.
Squirrel house.
Kids indoors. Mama outside.  Interesting coloration.  I couldn't get closer.

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