Saturday, September 7, 2013

Warbler Friday

If I had carried the bird book life may have been easier, but if you stop to look in a book or even review pictures on screen that's when you miss a good shot. So photographically speaking I "winged it".  If something flitted by my face it got documented. The main goal was try and get behavior.  Bug catching.  First, the magnolia warbler.
I know the parula. Never have to check the book.
Ditto for the black-and-white,  not usually on the ground, but that's where the bugs were.  One well fed B/W.
And then came the puzzle, the "what".  The eye pattern made me think black-throated green, obviously not that. I banged off pictures. Brain not functioning.  Even at home it took some time to sort this out and the importance didn't strike my brain till I woke with a start at 1a.m.  A PRAIRIE??   Oh my God, that's important. I should have spread the word,...  but like I said, brain muddled.   Prairie warbler, not a usual warbler.

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