Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Nesting Season- Recap 2

I have no idea what happened with the mourning doves. The first couple made their nest on the fuse box on the side of the building, a very fine location,- overhead protection, bushes in front to shield the nest from view, ample food in the neighborhood. Doves sit on their nest in 12 hour stretches, babies fed once a day. A saw the parents grooming. I saw two babies being fed. After day six the parents will leave the babies unattended in the nest for long periods of time. For no reason I can figure, within a two hour period, both babies left the nest prematurely, ended up on the ground under the nest, one dead immediately, the second, dead by evening. The parents returned to the nest late afternoon, searched for the babies, called to them, finally spotted them on the round. Both parents sat on branches staring at the ground and cooing, a mournful call. By the next morning the adults had departed. The tiny bodies remained in the leaves, ashes to ashes.....

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