Sunday, August 3, 2008

Turkey Trot

Zelda. That's what someone named her when she showed up on West End Avenue in April. She was exactly what was needed , a diversion. In New York City it's wise to expect the unexpected and that's what Zelda was, a wild turkey. She stayed for the afternoon perched in a tree in the parking lot, then flew off heading east, destination unknown. Now Zelda is roaming in Central Park. One can't say she's a beauty, but the sum of her parts makes her appear fascinating and she's surely stopping people in their tracks. "What's that doing here?" "It's not Thanksgiving yet!" "Is she here for the Macy's parade?" "Where's the stuffing?" "What does she eat, cranberries?" I think she's beautiful, but very hard to photograph, because when a turkey "trots" the body stops while the head keeps moving forward.

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