Monday, February 7, 2011

Glorious Sunday, Part 1

Finally, 2011 pictures. Gorgeous day.
There's no way to tell what one is going to see or how close one can get to a subject. Not all paths clear. Not all fields worth tramping through. There's still a lot of ice-capped snow everywhere.
First delight- a cheese head. Someone explained that this had to do with the Wisconsin Greenbay Packers.

Next smile: Very smart. Protect those dog tootsies.

Then the bluejays started screaming. Sound clue. Had to be a raptor. I was on the roadway, no way to jump the snow heap at the roadside, no entrance gap to the walkway, stuck waiting to see what would happen. Hawk flew onto tree. At first I could not tell what was going on, food or something else? It was something else, a branch. Of course. It's nest building time. Hawk had heavy branch and was chewing it at one end. This would have been an easier task on the ground, but the snow probably would not have supported this activity.

And then branch fell down.

Hawk flew off heading south.

Sunday pictures to be continued in next posting. It's nice to have current images for a change.

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