Monday, February 14, 2011

Let free with love

THE BEST!!!!! The raptor rescue people helped heal three young red-tail hawks and today the hawks were released at the Tupelo Meadow. The background details will appear in tomorrow's New York Times. I really didn't listen to everything. I saw gorgeous healthy birds and was enthralled. I'm sure they were stressed, but they were alive. The first bird headed north. The second bird stopped in a nearby tree before heading seemingly to Queens. The third bird seemed headed to Yonkers. Free. Glorious.

It was a thrill to see the birds so close. There were two Park Conservancy people helping, several members of the press and the Raptor Rescue people. The powerful lens let me see detail without getting too close. This was thrilling beyond words.

The hawks are now tagged, so if they get into trouble again their history will be known.

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