Monday, February 14, 2011

A normal Sunday

One robin. Spring on the way??

Lots of eating going on. Some edibles sink into the soft snow, but the birds find food.

The very small birds were in an eating frenzy up in the pine tree area.

And then the titmouse froze.

Enemy in the area. One hawk, right into the tree going after lunch. It didn't catch anything, but the bird "screams" were terrific.

A short distance south the small birds were also chowing down.

And then they disappeared. Downy froze on side of tree. Didn't move for about five minutes.

Why? Another hawk, a cooper's on high watching in every direction.

This hawk was probably resting and the little birds sensed it and resumed eating. How did they know? The hawk's stance? The period of time it stayed in one spot? It remained up in that tree for a long time. I left before it resumed prowling.

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