Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Astonishing stupidity

At the Gill neat Laupot Bridge.  Young cardinal. Father nearby.
And then this youngster caught my eye. I've never seen a cardinal at this stage of development.
I watched him. He watched me and then there was this terrific geschrei, every bird in the area screaming and mobbing, the kind of yelling that's heard when the bluejays mob a hawk.  There were jays, grackles, starlings, cardinals, even the wren, a true screaming mob.  I looked, but didn't see a hawk.
Instead, up the path on the run came a lady with her cat on a leash.  "They're attacking us".  "They pooped on me."  Well, what did she expect?!  Cat!!  The enemy, a gorgeous stalking cat.  This cat had no interest in human affection.  Cat had eyes for birds only. 
Owner moved on to another corner and let cat roam again.  (Cat had rhinestone collar.)  Birds resumed their screaming and attacking. Eventually owner got the message and left.
  Cat and owner went home and quiet resumed, but by then the young cardinals had moved on.

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