Friday, June 8, 2012

Typical June

Usually I see the sulpher whites do a mating dance in air.  This time they obliged on side of flower before going airborne.   Very nice.  I can't get them in air, but on flower, even behind flower, an image is possible.
The sound got my attention,  "cheep cheep", "CHEEP CHEEP!!" = FEED ME! Two new fledglings in this family, one definitely older.  Sweet ground sitters for now.
Gorgeous Papa.
Again it was the sound, this time singing.  Red-tinged titmouse???  Probably tinged from red berries.
Abstracts.... black-crowned night heron.  No other vantage point possible without spooking heron.
No lawn mower necessary with goslings in the area. Be sure and have some salad.

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