Tuesday, June 19, 2012


At the Conservatory Lake.  Lots of model boats, one cormorant, ducks doing their thing.  As I watched, two elderly gentlemen strolled by. Said one to the other, "The ducks are so life-like."
Off into the Rambles.... near the Azalea Pond... duck drama. Irate female mallard obviously yelling at male mallard with new female.  I was told this has been going on for three days. Female with broken bill definitely pissed off. When she gets too close the male chases her. There's peace for a minute or two and then the screaming resumes.  Obviously she's able to eat with her busted bill, but she is one furious lady.  Who knows the real scenario, but it's fun to imagine.  Rejected because she can't kiss anymore?  Not pretty enough? Too old? Too fat?  I'd take her. I like her attitude.

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