Monday, June 11, 2012

From May 17th

This was the morning when the koi slithered through the drain out of the Azalea Pond into the upper Gill where the water was too shallow. It tried to get back to the Pond but couldn't.  Dilemna time. It would have died if stranded in the shallow muck.  I had on sloppy shoes and the weather was warm, no chance of hyperthermia.  So with an audience of six toddlers and two nannies I put on gloves and waded into the muck, grabbed the fish and with Mike's help got it into a plastic bag.  Mike hopped the fence at Azalea Pond and returned the fish home. It resumed its normal swimming behavior none the worse for its sidetrip. And my shoes and pants were dry within an hour.
The log was spurting termites, not lots of them, intermitant termites, something that attracts any birds in the neighborhood.
Not bug-hunting. Buddha pigeon.
Also not bug-hunting.  French fries dining.
Waiting for food, not french fries.

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