Saturday, November 3, 2012

Brilliant Saturday

This was going to be a work afternoon with one blog about the dangling crane seen from my neighbor's balcony.  Crane has now been tethered to building. Much safer.

And then my pal e-mailed, "Come to park. Lots of birds".  No other encouragement needed, grabbed camera and ran.  There are over 800 pictures to edit, so I'll use words today.  It's immeasureably sad to see uprooted beloved trees. The gorgeous willow at the north end of Wagner Cove is no more. Other mighty trees are down.  Many limbs cracked off. But the park is still beautiful,... autumn colors and loads of birds finding seeds and bugs.

The most fun was from up at the castle, lots of raptors passing north to south. "See that, two hawks."  "Over there, look, four hawks."  ".... saw 35 redtails".  "Did you see that?  Were those turkey vultures?"  "What's that?"  "Over there! Over there!"  "The crows are chasing a hawk."  "What's this bird?"  "Did you see the golden eagle. It's down that path sitting in a tree."

You get the idea. Lots of fun. No golden eagle! There was the cooper's hawk running around in the Oven, the hairy woodpecker making Swiss cheese out of a tree, ruby kinglets, chickadees and, for me, the last thing at 69th street a whole flock of parula.   Great Saturday. I'll be editing till midnight.

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