Saturday, November 10, 2012

Evening grosbeak!

Those of you who know me know that I don't keep a list and that I don't care what I see as long as I see something.  I even enjoy starlings, so today when I looked up at the berry tree a bit north of Sparrow Rock I was puzzled. Here was something I'd never seen before. Berry trees = robins, waxwings, jays, catbirds, finches .  But what was this?  My brain ran the gamut including something exotic, an escapee?  But there were two, possibly male and female?  I took loads of pictures and went running to find a knowledgeable birder.  Fortunately Richard was at the Garden. He took one look and knew-  evening grosbeak. WHERE???  So we went running. At first the grosbeaks were not there, but after about 20 minutes they came back to the berry tree. What fun,- for us, for the birds. They gorged. We smiled. Rare bird for Central Park. Not only new bird for me.  I had never even heard of an evening grosbeak.  PRETTY!
I think I'll have a cream cheese and berry sandwich for supper.

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