Saturday, November 17, 2012

Friday owl

Some days are just plain funny and fun.  Ask a birder if the owl is still around. Answer: In the green tree. In the green tree?  Let's see, there must be 25 green trees in the area. The green tree? Okay. Where? Up near the top, slightly to the right, behind the branches and leaves. Higher. and when the wind blows the leaf positions change.  I love it. Up, up, up. No clear view.  But there's an owl, mostly sleeping, but when two horses walk by it takes note. Does it think horses will climb the tree?
Back to sleep for about 40 minutes.  It's damp and cold, a penetrating cold. Feels like snow. Time to go home.
Wait!  Owl is doing something. Oh joy,  grooming time, grooming while asleep.
Teddy bear feet
It was worth freezing to watch this. Grooming completed, back to motionless sleep.  I want to hug an owl.

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