Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Happy blue

Nothing exciting till I got to the big meadow. I saw a flash of blue. Blue???!! Oh boy, indigo bunting. Just one trouble, the meadow was a field of oozy mud, squishy deep mud. But there's the indigo bunting. For a closer look shoes are expendable. Besides maybe a mud foot treatment is good.  Approach slowly. Too fast and the bunting would have vanished. I got a bit closer and bunting disappeared. And reappeared as a female oriole.
Oriole flew off, but in tree in back two orioles were dining. This was getting to be fun despite the mud.
Indigo bunting came back. It knew I was watching. If ever a bird decided to pose this was it, but I didn't get close. I've never before seen an indigo bunting with this coloration. I've only seen the solid blazing blue. This must be a non-breeding bird, young?
It posed for about ten minutes then flew into the brush and disappeared. I waited in the mud another twenty minutes, but didn't see it again.  Sweet, sensational experience.

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