Saturday, May 27, 2017

Out of the nest

Early morning. Nobody home. Now the fun begins. The babies are somewhere in the garden. Look and listen. The babies will call for food. The parents call warnings. And the parents are doing food deliveries. Where the worm delivery goes there must be a baby.
First find, strong gorgeous baby, sitting in a tree nearby, resting, watching and when it knows food is coming it hopped much further up the tree out of sight.
Lots of worms in the garden. I think every robin parent on the west side is doing "worm shopping" in the garden, because they grab what they can and fly off.
Second baby, probably the runt, because it has gone no further than neighboring tree. Nest one tree over, perched nicely on small branch.  Short maiden flight.
More worms. Where will they get delivered?

Oh my goodness, there's another nest, new babies.  Very well hidden from all sides.
To be continued.

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