Wednesday, May 3, 2017

My robins

 I've been watching this nest for days. Babies yet? Not seen. But hard to see in nest.
Yesterday, parent off nest. Oh my goodness, there are babies, at least two, at least 6 days old judging by head fuzz. It's good their nest is hidden because this nest is right by the path within touching distance.
Dusk, on way to Trader Joe's when I saw something I've never seen before. I have seen robins mating only once. It takes about two seconds,- boing, finished. This evening I saw a female hunkered down in the driveway with the male displaying,- tail splayed, sweet peeping call, going around here, a very obvious courtship dance. He stopped, then repeated the whole thing, tail display, peep peep, circle her. I'm sure she would have been mated right there soon, but a taxi came along, fortunately slowly, and they both flew off together. I'm sure I'll never see this wonderful action again, a West End Avenue miracle. There will be another nest soon.

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