Sunday, October 12, 2008

Connecticut Warbler

I don't keep a life-list. I don't care what I see as long as I see something, but as long as I was in the area I decided to stroll over to the Pinetum this morning to see if I could also see this rare Central Park bird. There has been a lot of excitement this week. Very rare visitor. Birders were showing up from great distances to see the Connecticut warbler.

There were about 20 birders this morning all looking for the tiny bird. I figured it wasn't going to happen, so I strolled, - spotted a downy woodpecker, a yellow-rump warbler, a kinglet, and a forgotten toy shoved into the fence. Then there was a stir. One of the eagle-eyed birders had seen the Connecticut. Cameras aimed. Bird paparazzi. Easily $75, 000 worth of photo equipment all aimed at this little non-descript bird. I wish I had carried a wider-angle lens with which to photograph the photographers.

What was the bird doing? Walking around. Looking for bugs. Ignoring the cameras. At one point it walked up to my feet. I held my breath. The others would have killed me if I had startled the little bird away.

After a bit I headed to the Rambles. How many pictures can one take of a little bird that's just walking around?!

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