Tuesday, October 14, 2008

S-L-O-W Learner

Oh boy, am I a sssssslllllllloooooooowwwwww learner.
In the Maintenance Field. Usual bush for seeing warblers and sparrows. There's a kinglet. Then a sparrow. Then a ...... ????????? Oh God, what is it? Please, why isn't there another birder here? A birder who knows everything. I know what this little bird isn't, but my brain is not working. Oh, I wish I had a bird book with me, but that wouldn't help. No reading glasses. Click, click, click, click. Bird watches me. I watch bird. Wait! It couldn't possibly be another blue headed vireo. I just saw one on the 10th, the first in my birding experience. But I thought I'd never see one again. Couldn't be. Click, click, click. Bird is sure being cooperative, not flitting around like a kinglet. Oh, what, what, what is this pretty little bird. Brain, turn on!!! Click, click, click.

Back home. Download images. Get to the mystery bird. Grab bird book. It's not a warbler female. What could it be????? Oh, there it is, A BLUE HEADED VIREO ! Again.

Maybe I'll remember now that I've made myself feel totally stupid. Hopefully this little bird will stick in my brain finally.

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