Monday, January 5, 2009

Catering Service

Another fun day, peanuts for everyone. The mockingbird didn't seem interested, but at least stayed to listen to more Mozart. There were five hawks in the Rambles, lots of territorial chasing going on. I stood in a different spot. The gutsy titmouse found me again. I got a buzz-cut and peck on the head and then it lit on a branch. I took a picture, but that wasn't what the titmouse wanted, so it came and stood on my lens! Well, that sure was a message and since I only have two hands that meant no pictures and deliver the chow. The first two morsels were taken away, but then titmouse came back and sat in my hand and ate right there. A sparrow tried to horn in, but the titmouse yelled at it and the hungry sparrow backed off, but after the titmouse left the sparrow came and also ate in my hand. It's magic. All the while I was very alert to hawk activity overhead. I wouldn't put my tiny pals in peril, but they know what to do. One sense of hawk activity and they all disappear into the bushes. All in all everyone had a nutty fine time. Nobody's starving.

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