Friday, January 30, 2009

Super WOW ! Jump for Joy !

For the past few weeks I've been seeing park "regulars", the small birds who over-winter here. I have a pal who loves the cardinals, so I'm always on the lookout for cardinals. And this weekend I've got a friend in town from Florida. Despite the snow shower we went off to the park. All was quiet. Freezing. We saw a few cardinals. I got out peanuts and they came for the snack.

Suddenly something else appeared. My first thought was, "Sparrow", but in one second my brain changed , "Wren! Oh my God, a WREN!" And it came for peanuts. It looked, then flew back into the bushes. I waited. The cardinals took what they wanted and the wren came back, a gorgeous Carolina wren. It studied the nut bits, pecked them, drilled them into smaller bits, drilled the nut pieces like a woodpecker, and ate. I haven't seen a Carolina wren for a year and never this close. How beautiful. How exciting! Not one of the "regulars". One sweet little wren. I'm in love.

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