Friday, January 2, 2009


Today was just one of those dining days. I did put in a big supply of nuts to share with birds and squirrels, but they were doing fine on their own. I suspect the hawks were around, because there were places where all was too quiet, but I didn't see any hawks. The first joy was right out back, starlings eating chicken wings, probably grabbed out of the garbage bin. In the Rambles blue jays, titmice, cardinals, chickadees, squirrels and the downy woodpecker all came for handouts. The downy came right to the ground. That lasted a while until an army of sparrows showed up, easily 300. Everything else disappeared and the ground got picked clean. The lake is frozen. I was astonished to see a squirrel biting off hunks of ice at the edge of the lake and then savoring it bit by bit like a popcycle. As I left the park one of the homeless guys who lives in the park was serving pizza to the birds, torn up pizza which was being pecked at and tossed around, pizza scrimmage. Never mess with a starling when there's pizza around. Very aggressive. "MINE!"

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