Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Eat and stay warm

Sometimes you just have to laugh. Someone threw away holiday cookies, chocolate-filled. Delicacy for sparrows. There were also dried berries under leaves, more delicacy. My titmouse pal was back, strafed me and pecked my ear. This baby only wants hand-held food while the other titmice don't mind hauling off food half their size. Most astonishing, a chickadee flashed me while I had a peanut in the shell in my hand. I held my hand out and the chickadee arrived in my hand, stayed, and pecked the shell to get the kernel out right in my hand! Sweet baby then looked me right in the eye and flew off with the meal.

Much to my surprise, while this feeding fun was going on the purple finches came and watched, but took nothing and the hermit thrush arrived too and picked at bits on the ground. I thought the hermit had left town long ago. Across the way the crows were screaming at a hawk. One smart squirrel stayed safely home. I would have stayed longer, but after three hours I was frozen.

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