Sunday, June 27, 2010

By the river

Parents on full alert. Get too close and get hissed at.

Babies on vegetable patrol. The Hudson salad bar.

Delicious even without French dressing.

Protection while resting, invisible from above.

Whoa! Something else is going on here. Young grackle with food. What food???? Oh my goodness, CRAB!

This is the third time I'm seeing grackle-eating-crab, so for sure there are crabs in the river.

This juvenile isn't quite sure what to do with crab, but knows it's something tasty.

Adult grackle also has crab.

Finally, proof of how they eat the body works. This grackle has bitten off a hunk of bottom and top crab shell with crab meat in between, a crab taco for the nestling.

Meanwhile, up the hill parent robin is plucking worms-for-babies. No tugging necessary. The worms are out of the soil. Easy pickin's.

Finally, would you like this in your living room???


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