Sunday, June 13, 2010

Peep! Peep!

There was so much to see down by the river that the decision as to where to start blogging was difficult. For total charm I've chosen the goslings, which will now be referred to as the babies.

The first thing I saw was a baseball wedged in the rocks. The tide was way out. There was the ball.

And there in the same space were the fluff balls. Well, not all fluffballs, 5 very young babies and two slightly older babies all being watched over by two Mamas. This is an excellent space for safety. No human interference, but it's not a clean soft space. Rocks and bits of refuse, not exactly a comfort zone, but the geese seem to feel comfortable in this cove.

The algae is part of their diet and with the tide out there was plenty of that. They instinctively know to eat their "vegetables" and not the pieces of dangerous garbage that also liter this space,- sinkers, hooks, pieces of broken glass, etc.

The day's activity consists of sleeping, eating, preening, sleeping, eating, preening, etc. Sometimes a baby gets adventurous and wanders. This little one wandered too close to other parent and she nipped its behind.

It ran off calling to its mama. Peep! Peep!

Getting back home took a bit of "mountain climbing" not easy for such a tiny one.

It got back to its siblings in fine order. Teensy wings, huge feet.

Protection under the umbrella of mama's tail feathers.

There were five, but never all snuggled together. Someone was always off being adventurous.
There was a lot going on in this area. To the left there were grackles, to the right baby sparrows, up the hill baby robins. The subjects have been sorted into categories for coming postings including more fluff balls. Sorry, my maternal instincts are running amok.

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