Tuesday, June 29, 2010


The young robins have to find their own food, not always an easy task. They look so strong, new, fresh, clean, but they have lots of skills to develop.

This youngster spotted a berry. Mmmmmm, juicy berry. Only one problem. The stem was still attached.

Down the berry went.

Back it came. It's that stem. This is a problem.

Down it went again.

And back it came.

And down it went yet again.

And back it came again a bit mushed from the efforts.

Okay..... shake it around a bit. Maybe the stem will snap off.

And it did.

Ah, that's better. Squished berry down the hatch.

Meanwhile, the nestlings don't have this concern. Parents bring the meals.

Live meals.
Think spaghetti for dinner.

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