Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Tilt !

This morning, lots of sirens downstairs. Go to window. Whoa, big tilt across the street on the ABC building. Grab camera and chair. Sit down to watch the action. Everyone seemingly calm. Motor that controls work platform obvious malfunctioning. Waiting for help.

Help arrives, Fire Company 23.

Rescue from below??????

Not exactly.

Rescue from above. Harnesses sent down, cables, everything thought out. Safety first.

Worker on right reaches safety.

Worker from left has a harder job. First scaling this tilt and then getting new safety ropes.

Both men safe. Now only platform is let dangling. Street closed off. This is a busy street, the street where the audience for "The View" lines up.

Time passes. I get breakfast, read paper, do some work. Look out the window again.
Oh, the repair team is in place. They've evened out the platform and are raising it. Lots of supervisors present. Slow careful operation.

Get platform over roof wall.

Finally into resting place, secured. All safe and sound. Street re-opened.

Nothing like a different kind of show right outside the window (with strong lens).
One of my pals said I should call the newspapers. No. Pictures only have value if there's a fatality. This was a good, clean professional rescue with nobody getting hurt. Big sigh of relief.

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