Friday, December 31, 2010

Closing 2010

I wanted to close out this year with some special pictures, but had no idea if it would be possible to navigate paths in the park. 69th Street held promise. Wait till the local birds find this gingerbread goody.

The roadways are clear in the park and some major walking paths, but for the most part there's a layer of slick snow, trecherous underfoot. I wasn't about to risk life or limb, so looked for safe spots. This eliminated the possibility of getting into the Rambles or following hawks on the hunt.

The titmice stood right by me and waited for handouts.

The parking area by the Boathouse was clear, lots of sparrows chattering. Cooper's hawk above parking lot aware of everything.

I'm not good at flight shots, but right overhead were two redtails floating on the thermals. Gorgeous!

The cooper's was totally aware of what was going on "upstairs".

Lots of people in the park, walking, enjoying the sun , but it was hard getting around, too many slippery paths. It was probably easier the day after the storm provided you had hip boots.

These are not champaigne bubbles, but happy bubbles nevertheless.


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