Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Lunch, sigh !

There is no assurance that anything will be seen on a cold day in the park. This time there were two cooper's hawks in close proximity, calling at each other, doing some chasing, all territorial, lunch-hunt time. Cooper's #1

Cooper's #2

Something spotted.

Heading for lunch

Oh, NO !!! Lunch = one male cardinal. Sad, sad, sad, but that's nature.

Hawk called to other hawk to get lost. There's no sharing. Scram!! Other hawk flew off.

Lots of looking around, food protection, before hawk moved to nearby tree with big flat branch, ate cardinal very fast. Impossible for pictures, but it's the usual, pluck feathers, then eat meat. There was no wind, so the feathers floated down right below the dining table. I picked them up and brought them home. There's now a cardinal memorial envelope in my treasure box.

There are still lots of cardinals, always on full alert.


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