Friday, December 10, 2010


Oh, it was cold. Bundled up in layers and headed to the park. 69th street speciality..... decorations. At least I knew I would have seen one "bird".

Lots of chickadees finding food under the tree back.

One cedar waxwing, ONE! They usually travel in a group.

No birders, few birds, just too cold to breathe. At one corner I heard a flock of sparrows chattering away in a dense bush. Suddenly total silence. I knew what that meant. Looked up. Two hawks chasing overhead. Silence is survival.
Time to head home. Too cold. Along the path, fencing. House sparrow flew out to greet me, a very obvious plea for food. It wouldn't budge even with me within touching distance. Fine. Portrait time. That done, sparrow deserved a sitting "fee". Me happy. Sparrow happy.

It was so cold that no other sparrow flew out. That's not usual behavior for sparrows. One lone, brave, hungry sparrow.

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