Sunday, December 26, 2010

Cold 25th

Cold and quiet Christmas, few birders, more tourists. One cooper's hawk.

One redtail.

Pigeon feathers strewn over one area. Hawk lunch clue.

I brought peanuts in the shell, a Christmas treat for small friends. Lots of titmice.

When I began to feel the cold it was time to head back here. Surprise of surprises, a great blue heron on the little island near Bow Bridge at the 72nd street lake. There is little open water. I have no idea how this heron is finding food. This has to be an immature heron to have missed the signal to head south.

Blizzard on the way. I'll stay home until the hazzardous weather is under control. It may even interfere with getting to work with 100 lbs. of gear. The birds will weather this storm. They have for thousands of years.

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