Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Tuesday's mixture

Sometimes it's hard searching. Sweat pours into my eyeballs and blurs vision. Was this really something yellow or was I seeing things? Back here, in computer. For real, the yellow warbler.
An ordinary immature starling.

The weirdest "tweeny" starling I've ever seen.

Oriole! At the Oven. Immature? Molting? Female. Orchard oriole? I don't know.

Possible hawk meal sometime down the line.

Found the hawks by the screaming. This kid sure makes a lot of noise. Interesting technique. Watch squirrels, possible prey. Scream. If that doesn't alert your agile lunch I don't know what will.

And look at the crop on this baby. I don't know what the meal was, but it was an ample one.


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