Thursday, August 25, 2011

Two sizes

Yesterday. Right place, right time. Three seconds. My first hummingbird for this season. I waited at this blossom another 45 minutes, but hummer didn't make a return trip.

From Tuesday: Oh, what antics. White-breasted youngster on the hunt. First he was perched on one of the Dellacourt Theater poles. Pigeon on path. Down he swooped startling tourists standing nearby. Big kerfluffle (for lack of a better word). Pigeon flew away. Hawk flew to nearby branch. First failure.

Off to next outlook. This kid doesn't seem to notice people. There's something catch-worthy. What did he catch? What did he catch? A branch!

Meanwhile, on high, the Beresford Tower, Mama is watching everything.

Following a hawk is a lot of exercise. From the branch on ground kid flew northwest into the wooded area behind Tanner's Spring. All images are intentional,... frenzied hunting in the woods, logs studied, branches tossed, the proverbial elephant in the tea shop.

Onward. Great flurry of pigeons flushed out of tree at 84th street near playground. Still nothing caught.

Next perch. East, west, this side of playground, that side of playground.
It takes a lof of energy to find food. It takes a lot of energy to photograph a bird trying to find food.

Hawk last seen heading west on 85th street. Smart move. Lots of pigeons on rooftops, except some didn't seem to mind the invasion.

There won't be that many more oppotunities to see these kids close up. They are broadening their horizons.


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