Sunday, November 6, 2011

Autumn giggle

November. Not as many warblers. One surprise blackpoll.
Because there are not so many travelling birds it's time to stop and watch behavior. Autumn favorite: The sky is falling. Chestnuts. I've seen this before and never fail to get the giggles. Grackles are gorgeous, nasty at times, but definitely exquisite.

The first idea is to swallow the chestnut whole. When that doesn't work they try soaking it. When that doesn't work they try cracking the shell with their strong beaks. This is a study of the anatomy of a mouth.

Oh oh, chestnut fell into water. Don't want it to sink.

Get that nut back!

Fell into water again. Toss leaves looking for it.

Don't know the final chapter, because another grackle tried to steal the chestnut and this grackle flew into the bushes.


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