Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Looks can be deceiving. Lush berries, but they're on the ground along with 1/3 of the tree they were attached to. Berry tree near entrance to pier at Turtle Pond.
Entrance to West 69th street. Uprooted tree now "packaged." Fencing smashed.

Typical- all along West Side.

From mighty willow tree next to Bow Bridge.

Into the Rambles, heading towards Summer Cottage

Path totally blocked

The Gill..... whole new landscape

From the tree where the owl sat when we all saw it

Upper path north of Azalea Pond

Maintenance Meadow all roped off

North of Upper Lobe. The shrubbery down in the Upper Lobe is flattened.

Death can be beautiful. Also on ground.

Cedar Hill looks good.

There were lots of birds gorging yesterday. Pictures will follow. For now, the ruination must be seen. Walking in the Rambles is severely limited. The landscape is changed.


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