Thursday, November 10, 2011

Still searching

I still have to post the Halloween images, (now taken down,) but Mr. Pumpkin is still guarding 69th street.
This has to be the most woebegone young robin I've seen in a while, Novmber and still a "Tweeny".

My wish is to find a lawn of kinglets. It's getting a bit late for this activity. One space. Something hopping around in the grass. Oh joy, kinglets, but only three golden crown. Three are better than none.

And then something caught my eye, -movement, flash of yellow, a what? The best I could figure after studying the images in computer was a lone female or immature magnolia warbler. By the time the warbler vanished so had the kinglets. Drats!!

This wasn't exactly a prime photo op, so if anyone has a better idea of what this warbler was please let me know. I love to learn.

Sipping time. The hermit..... there are now fewer of them.

The starling. They may be brats, but I love their personalities and feather patterns.


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